Tags in Cryptee Photos!

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Since the day we launched Cryptee, many of you have been asking for a way to tag your photos! We've got some great news! Starting today, you can tag & search for your photos in Cryptee Photos, all privately & using natural language.

We think this is huge! We know that many of you have been waiting for the ability to tag your photos to switch away from other cloud photo storage services to Cryptee Photos! The time has come!

How does it work?

First things first. All your tags and photos are encrypted and private. So we can't see them. Now keep that in mind, and be prepared to be mind blown.

It's 2021. We thought tagging should be as easy as typing out the tags in natural language. So we thought it would be amazing if you could tag your photos in Cryptee Photos the same way you tag your photos on Instagram or Twitter with hashtags.

So all you have to do is select the photos you'd like to tag, press "tag" from the menu, and start typing your #hashtags, like this :

Tagging Photos in Cryptee Photos

Cryptee will intelligently recognize your hashtags and make them all searchable. Again, all this is encrypted, and all this magic happens on your device. So we can't see your photos or tags, and no one else can either.

To see how far we can push the limits of our new tagging system, we decided to test its limits with libraries that have 1,000,000+ photos. In case if you're curious, our search can still find photos in a few seconds. So tag away!

Search by tags, albums, and natural language.

In case if you didn't know, in Cryptee Photos you can search for your photos using natural language.

For example, you can type "photos I took in the morning of spring 2019" into the search bar, and Cryptee will find all your photos taken during morning-time in spring 2019. (and don't worry if you live in the southern hemisphere, Cryptee will use the correct seasons)

So obviously, we thought it would be amazing if you could search for tags in natural language too.

So go ahead and type "our #trip photos from two years ago".

Cryptee will find all photos from 2019, photos that are tagged with #trip, and display the albums containing the photos to make it even easier to navigate when you have thousands of photos:

Searching for Tagged Photos using Natural Language in Cryptee Photos

Multiple Tags? No problem!

You can search for up to 10 hashtags at the same time. So for example you can search for "cool pics from #sweden or #norway or #denmark", all using natural language and Cryptee will find all your photos tagged with #sweden, #norway or #denmark.

Searching for Tagged Photos using Natural Language in Cryptee Photos

Not sure if you're looking for an album or a tag?

No problem. Just type it like a hashtag. Let Cryptee figure out if it's an album or a tag you're looking for, even when there's both an album and a hashtag with the same name.

Searching for Tagged Photos and Albums using Natural Language in Cryptee Photos

But what about ghost albums?

Don't worry! Tags are compatible with Ghost Albums.

If you ghost an album containing tagged photos, and later search for those tags, Cryptee's search won't be able to find any photos tagged with those tags.

So don't worry, your private photos will always be private on Cryptee!

Migrate to Cryptee Photos

If you're ready to migrate to Cryptee Photos from other cloud photo storage services, but don't know where to begin, don't worry!

We've prepared step by step tutorials to help you move from other cloud photo storage services to Cryptee Photos.

Take a look at our step-by-step tutorials to migrate your photos to Cryptee Photos from Google Photos, Amazon Photos, iCloud Photos, and all other apps, in just a few simple clicks, and by dragging & dropping.

Do you like our new features?

Subscribe to one of our paid plans to upload as many photos as you'd like! We have plans ranging all the way up to 2TBs of storage, and our smallest plan is cheaper than a cup of coffee, for 3€/mo.

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can help us make the internet a safer and more private place, and store your private photos in our encrypted, private cloud photos storage.

Closing Notes

This update also comes with a bunch of bug fixes and small performance improvements. We would like to thank you for all your enthusiasm, help, understanding and kind support! Neither Cryptee, nor any of these features would be possible without you. If you're enjoying your experience on Cryptee, please consider supporting us by upgrading to a paid plan or by spreading the word.

We hope you'll enjoy this update as much as we do, and we will be looking forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas, feature requests, bug reports and what you think about this update overall!

Stay safe and all the very best from Northern Europe,

Team Cryptee

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