Faster uploads, smarter paste, discounts and more!

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Greetings from Estonia, Europe!

We're here with really exciting news again —after a mere few weeks— so we'll keep this blog post short and concise.

First things first. We have some discounts!


For those of you who are new users, we have a special discount going on until the end of May, 2024! Use this coupon code at the checkout for a special 10% off for lifetime on all our paid plans :


Why a rotten fruit? Well... it's a long story...

After hearing concerns from Cryptee, Open Web Advocacy, and others, EU opens a DMA investigation into Apple
After hearing concerns from Cryptee, Open Web Advocacy, and others, EU opens a DMA investigation into Apple


Perhaps you've heard. This week Microsoft™️ announced that they've finally fixed the annoying default paste settings of Word™️

Microsoft Word just fixed its default paste option
No more messing with your document’s formatting.

So ... we thought, what better time to update Cryptee's default paste settings as well. When you paste something into Cryptee using:

cmd + v or ctrl + v

Cryptee will now by default strip all styling (like background colors, color, size, different fonts etc) except for the things you actually care for when pasting, like bold, italic, links, code etc to match your Cryptee document's appearance.

Previously this was only possible using the shortcuts :

cmd + shift + v or ctrl + shift + v

We made it so that this shortcut now strips all styling, including bold, italic, links, code etc, and pastes plain text.

So you can now paste peacefully folks! You no longer need to experience paste traumatic stress on Cryptee.


You heard that right. Your docs will now be encrypted, saved and uploaded ridiculously fast. Up to 6x faster for most documents —docs smaller than 5mb.

In addition, your photos will now be encrypted and uploaded up to 2x faster.

For the past 1 year or so, we've been working around the clock, slowly making updates to our servers. This year, we started routing traffic more intelligently to our data-centers, and finally, today is the day we can start reaping the benefits of all this work.

For some of our users, it used to take up to 3-4 seconds to save their documents. This wasn't acceptable by our standards. We managed to bring this down to 500 - 600ms.

Uploading stuff is so fast now that it made us realize our save animation is slower than the actual upload time. So we updated our famous green save-bar as well. Next time you hit cmd + s or ctrl + s check out your save bar. We promise you'll notice just how much faster things are now.


Metric tons of bugs. We would like to thank you all for reporting us all these issues, helping us reproduce the bugs and for filing github issues if you're proficient with programming.

For example, Cryptee Docs now can now count words correctly in languages like Japanese, or that our news popup won't jump out annoyingly as often anymore, and apps will remember if you've already read the news.

If you read all the way down here, thank you for sticking with us and helping us defend your rights, privacy and security!

We hope you're enjoying Cryptee!

All the very best from Estonia, Europe,

— John Ozbay

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