2x Memory Efficient Encryption & More!

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Hi everyone!

We're here with a fantastic update, and we'll keep this blog post short.

Our encryption / decryption is now 2x more memory efficient.

Long story short, we sacrificed compatibility for 4+ year old browsers and that made streaming encryption/decryption about 2x more memory efficient for 95% of all devices. So now is a good time to update your browser if you've waited 4 years. This change may break our streaming encryption features for weird exotic browsers, but you probably shouldn't be using rare exotic browsers.

If you are a cool Stripe user and saved your payment details using Stripe Link, you can now check out faster without having to enter your card details manually again.

We fixed a ton of bugs.

Like a lot of them. Mostly bugs caused by a certain company named after a fruit on their fruit-flavored browser. So if you're using a fruity-phone or fruity-pad, your photo-uploads won't be weirdly stretched anymore.

There's a new Techlore Interview about Cryptee

I had a fantastic multi-hour-long chat with Henry from Techlore about Cryptee, digital rights, Estonia, Europe, my bad hair year, big tech, the company named after fruit, and more! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy our long chat in two parts :


<standing against a monolithic $3T company named after a fruit is no easy task folks>

Cryptee is a tiny company out of Estonia, Europe, with very limited resources, and we've been doing our best to fight for your rights and keeping you safe since 2017. Everything we do is thanks to your help and paid support.

Unlike countless other companies in the industry, we don't have investors or venture capital firms backing us. Only your your subscriptions. We're proudly bootstrapped, independent, profitable and sustainable, and all this is thanks to your help and paid support.

If you'd like us to keep doing what we're doing for many more years to come, and help us fight the fruit company, other tech giants and their unfair policies, subscribe to one of our paid plans, it would help us a lot!

In fact for those of you who are new customers, here's a special coupon code that will give you 10% off for lifetime on all our paid plans :


If you read all the way down here, thank you for sticking with us and helping us defend your rights!

We hope you're enjoying Cryptee!

All the very best from winter-wonderland Estonia, Europe

— John Ozbay

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